We provide the most comprehensive services and solutions that best fit the needs of our clients by bringing together the most talented marketers and creative people from three independent agencies BMC, Mindcaster, and Mash.

  • Integrated Marketing

    As consumers are now on multiple screens, brand communication at any single touch-point alone would no longer be sufficient in reaching them. Multiple screens, however need strategic integration to deliver a consistent brand message. Integrated marketing is TPG’s unique strength; we take pride in our capabilities of bringing strategies and ideas to life seamlessly across all touch-points of consumers' and shoppers' journey.

    An integrated campaign is led by an idea which spans across ALL or SOME of the communication disciplines such as Advertising, Content, PR, Social, Digital, and On-ground Activation, all working in symphony.

  • Content marketing

    Content creation is another notable expertise of TPG's. Our content experts help brands communicate their values more holistically and translate their brand purpose into meaningful stories which engage and inspire target audience. We are highly capable of providing creative ideas and production of all content formats including video, book, comics, magazine which can be placed on both offline or online channels and as always-on content for social community.

  • Brand building on digital

    Digital is no longer a trend. By now it has become a marketing model to a great number of brands and a marketing strategy to most. Marketing on Digital follows fundamental principles of brand building and marketing in integrating technology into relevant touch-points on consumers' and shoppers' journey to influence and trigger purchase decisions. With 80% of Internet penetration in Vietnam, Digital has proven to play a vital role in effectively reaching consumers, and generating lead trials as well as purchases.

  • Good cause marketing and CSR

    Good Cause Marketing is an effective and genuine way for brands and companies to demonstrate their values while strengthening the bond with their communities. Good Cause and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) nurture the community’s love and trust for the brand, resulting in sustainable business growth.

  • Corporate communication

    Corporate Communication is the dissemination corporate values and vision to relevant stakeholders. TPG will help you define and articulate your corporate values and vision before bringing them to life in an action plan which delivers a variety of purposes inside and outside the organization.

Go along our house menu and choose a service that fits to you request today. But we would love you to talk to us of your business issue. We will tailor services offering to your need. Because we understand you are not the same like others and your business issue are not the same like others.